The Liaison

Attached is the Summer 2021 edition of The Liaison. Bill has done a stellar job pulling this all together. There are several announcements in this issue. I will touch on some briefly below.

2022 SMPA President

Kati Wheatley was confirmed as the 2022 SMPA President at the July Executive Committee meeting. Congratulations, Kati!

Declaration for Office

The Declaration for Office is published in this issue of The Liaison. The deadline to mail your Declaration for Office to the Secretary is September 1, 2021. A description of the responsibilities for each office is contained in the Standing Rules posted on our website. You can access the Standing Rules in the Member Area by following this LINK.  You will need to log in to access the Member Area.

#Networking Social 

Our #networking social scheduled for September has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled when it is safe to do so.

Mobile Meals

No one claimed the Tuesday, August 31 delivery date. I have notified Nic Arning, but if you can take the date, please let me know.

CLE Recordings

The August CLE is now posted on the website.

We have had quite a number of CLE recordings posted on the website in recent months because of past problems with our website and members’ inability to access recordings in a timely manner. Our website has been very reliable over the past six months, and neither Kati nor I have received any recent complaints about difficulty accessing a CLE recording.

Therefore, effective January 1, 2022, we will return to our past practice of having a limited number of CLE broadcasts [three (3) CLEs] posted on the website at any given time.  THIS MEANS that you will need to catch up on all your CLEs BEFORE THE END OF 2021!!! 

Student Scholarship Application

A scholarship brochure and application are included in The Liaison. The deadline for application including the complete package of supporting documentation is November 15, 2021.

Take care and stay well!